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Message from the Master

The Worshipful Company of Bowyers can trace its detailed history back to 1363 when the craft of making longbows first appeared on the list of taxation for the City of London. Prior to that the first bowyer to be recorded is that of Ivo le Bowyre in 1293.

During the hundred years war and the great victories at Crecy, Poitiers and Agincourt, when the longbow was at its zenith, the Company enjoyed unparalleled success supplying the medieval archer with the tools of his trade.

Today the Bowyers' Company prides itself with being involved in many charitable and educational activities and upholding the traditions of the City of London by supporting the Lord Mayor, Sheriffs and the Corporation of London in promoting the City in a modern day environment.

I trust you will find our web site interesting and informative and if you would like to know more about us please feel free to contact the Clerk.

The Reverend John Hayton TD, - Master Bowyer

Agincourt Dinner, Thursday 23rd October 2014

A total of 97 Bowyers and guests gathered for the Agincourt Dinner on Thursday 23rd October 2014 at Cutlers' Hall to celebrate the great victory of Henry V 599 years ago.

After a grace in rhyming couplets by our Chaplain, the Rev Dr Alan McCormack, a splendid dinner, which included the main course of Wild Boar, was served whilst the company enjoyed the music of the Ziminska String Quartet which played from the gallery. After the traditional Loving Cup, we were then entertained by Mr Dominick Felix, tenor, accompanied by Mr James Sherlock on piano with a beautiful rendition of the Bowyers' Song.

The guests were warmly welcomed on behalf of the Company by Liveryman Rev Peter Bernhard. The principal guests were: the Rt Hon Lord Sumption OBE PC, Justice of the Supreme Court and author of "The Hundred Years War" which when completed will be a work of five volumes of which three have been published; Alderman Charles Bowman, alderman for the Ward of Lime Street; the Master Cutler, Mr Richard Herbert; the Master Fletcher , Mr Andrew McMillan; the Master Arbitrator, Dr Derek Ross; the Master Gunmaker, Mr Simon Grant-Rennick and Brig Andrew Williams OBE of the Mercian Regiment with which the Bowyers is affiliated...Read more

Poitiers Supper, Wednesday 19th November 2014

Left: Pre-1300: bows 4'6" to 5' long, drawn to chest. Right: Post-1320: longbows 6' long, drawn to ear.

Thirty six Bowyers and their guests met in the snug surroundings of Davy's Bangers Bar & Grill, 2-12 Wilson Street EC2, for the annual Poitiers Supper. Anna Triay of King's College London, the current holder of the Bowyers MA Scholarship, attended as a guest of the Master.

The Upper Warden, Tony Kench, presented a very entertaining illustrated talk on the origins of the longbow and the early days of the Company of Bowyers. There is a popular myth that the longbow was Welsh in origin and that the famous battles of the Hundred Years War were won by Welsh archers. Shakespeare played a role in promoting this myth by the prominence he gave to Captain Fluellen, the garrulous Welshman in 'Henry V' who reminded the king of the service of the Welsh in the brave battles in France. Tony set out to put the record straight...Read more

Gold Award for Alan Rogers, Saturday 29th November 2014

Master Bowyer John Hayton and Alan Rogers.

Bowyer Freeman Alan Rogers was presented with the Gold Certificate of the Worshipful Company of Bowyers by the Master Bowyer over a hotel lunch in Elmsthorpe, Leicestershire on 29th November 2014.

The award was in recognition of the excellence of his craftsmanship in bowyery over a thirty year period, during which time he has made over 470 longbows...Read more