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British Blind Sports Archery National Outdoor Championships 8th September 2007

The Master writes

The Company sponsored the event to the tune of £1,000.00. The Master was invited to present prizes to the winners on Saturday 8th September 2007 at Lillishall in Shropshire.

On the 8th September I travelled up to the National Sports Centre at Lillishall, a splendid place that does excellent work in many sports. Needless to say it is strongly rumoured that the Government are going to sell it off. No doubt in five years time when the clamour for a replacement has to be fulfilled the powers that be, will buy an inferior sight at twice what they got for the lovely Lillishall.

However on this occasion it was a very special day for all the blind archers competing in the National Contest and for your Master who was very moved by the whole procedure. It is one of the charities which the Company supports and I hope always will. The lasting impression I took away was of the immense courage in the face of adversity and of the happy smiling faces. I should also like to pay tribute to the markers (their helpers) who are so constantly kind and considerate.

Not wishing to depress those who attend our Tower Shoot, but the blind seem to do better than the sighted. Their results were amazing, a credit to their dedication and perseverance. I shall not list who won what, as there were so many, but each prize was truly earned.

They presented me with a lapel badge at the end and I shall value it highly.

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