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Bowyers' Longbow Day 29th July 2007

Sunday the 29th July 2007 was a lovely though cool and overcast day. The clouds were particularly beautiful. After the rains of recent days this was a welcome change and made the annual Longbow Day a most enjoyable event.

Three Bowyer Freemen were competing: Richard Head, Alan Rogers and Malcolm Grady and they all performed creditably. It was marvellous to see that they were wearing their Freemen's Badges and ties with pride.

The Ladies shot the Double National Round, sometimes I am told referred to as the Derby round, which is a 6 dozen round, shot at 60 yards (4 dozen arrows): 50 Yards (2 dozen arrows). There were 16 competitors and the winners were:

Highest Score: The Bowyers Plate - Mrs Julia Madelin
Most Hits: The Ballenden Coaster - Mrs Roz Smith
Most Golds: The Seaton Goblet - Mrs Margaret Bunyard

The Gentlemen shot the York round, which is a 12 dozen round, shot at 100 yards (6 dozen arrows), 80 yards (4 dozen arrows), 50 yards (2 dozen arrows). The results were;

Highest Score: The Bowyers Plate - Marc Bunyard
Most Hits: The Hardy Coaster - Dickey Summers
Most Golds: The Seaton Goblet - Michael Brooke

The shooting ground

The ladies firing line

The mens firing line

Bowyers at tea

The prize winners

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