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Photo Gallery
Photo Gallery
Photo Gallery
Photo Gallery
Photo Gallery

Company Field Shoot 12th April 2008

A Member of Parliament takes aim

Once again we were lucky. The clouds disappeared just as the shooting was about to start under the Field Captain Andy Barnsdale who was dressed to the nines in his Royal Tox Regalia!!!

This allowed Richard, Lindsey and Philip Head, and Mark Stretton to set up their stands whilst the remainder of us set to drinking some very fine beer.

After time to practice under the excellent tutoring of archers from the London Archers the Lords in red and the Commons in green (what else) began to compete. The shoot consisting of 30 arrows at 20 yards was finished at 6pm after which every one went into Armoury house to participate in a Champagne reception during which the results were announced and the prizes presented. The Lords team of the Duke of Montrose, Lord Byron and the Earl Atlee won quite comfortably. The party then moved up stairs passed the Scarlet Stone into the dining room for dinner prior to which Liveryman John Hayton gave a rousing traditional Bowyers' grace. After which the assembled Company enjoyed a meal of Mushroom and Goats' Cheese Tart, followed by Duck, then there was an excellent Strawberry and Passion Fruit Pavlova rounded off with Welsh Rarebit. All this was washed down with an excellent South African White wine and a Chilean Red.

Ann Willis looking after thirsty Bowyers

The Beadle, Paul Tredgett, Peter Harrow, Michael
Wren, Bernard Waples and Stuart Duncan being

Lord Atlee with Bowyer Tony Baldry MP at the

The Master Richard Model with Lord Montrose

The Upper Warden, Peter Harrow with Court
Assistant Andy Barnsdale

Philip Head, Lindsey Head, Mark Stretton
and Richard Head

Port and Coffee were then served and the Master gave the Loyal Toast after which he gave a short speech of welcome. Peter Seaton Chairman of the Charity Committee then briefly outlined the activity of the Bowyers' Charitable Trust and gave examples of some of the organisations which had been given support. Sheila Gunn then said a few words about the Passage Charity for the homeless and lastly John Cavanagh made some interesting remarks about the Paralympics. The Upper Warden, Peter Harrow with Court Assistant Andy BarnsdalePhilip Head, Lindsey Head, Mark Stretton and Richard Head

At the charity auction run by Charlie Clarke of Bonham's, there were a wide range of items for sale. Including a football celebrating the 125th anniversary of Tottenham Hotspur Football Club which sold for £700. Undoubtedly the most interesting item was an original Alex cartoon which had been in the Daily Telegraph that morning which sold for £1000. Afterwards all made their move to depart having had a most enjoyable evening.

The Alex cartoon (please click on the image to enlarge)

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