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Company Field Shoot 12th April 2008

Richard and Lindsey Head with Richard Model, Ann Willis and John Hayton

The Company Field Shoot was held on Saturday, 12th April at the Fleet Ibex ground near Headley, on the Hampshire/Surrey border. Some sixteen members and friends turned up on the day, aged from seven upwards. As the Master has pointed out in his latest report to the Company, Fleet Ibex Club guided us round the wood with remarkable patience and skill, allowing us to shoot at most of the targets on one of their courses. The cost in arrows was a bit on the high side, although this was anticipated by the organisers (a photo of a guest looking for arrows gives an idea of the terrain and the problems that causes when arrows go astray). The lunch was extremely memorable and fully up to the traditions of the Bowyers, albeit in a woodland setting. Generally the weather was reasonably kind to us, but the heavens opened just before the lunch break, ensuring that nobody was late.

The Archibalds, Richard Head and Ann

The Heads shooting

The lunch table

The Master shooting

Hopefully, all those that attended had a fun and interesting day. If the Master's wish that it should become a regular event is to become reality, though, it will ideally need a few more members to come along. The Archery Committee would certainly welcome any comments on this issue.

Tony Kench shooting

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