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Joint Shoot between the Fletchers' and the Bowyers' Tower of London 4th June 2008

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Due to the rebuilding of the staircase into the East Moat the shoot this year took place in the far more spacious area of the West Moat. This allowed the general public to have an excellent view of the shoot and from time to time there were enthusiastic cheers from the 'terraces'. Fortunately there was no rendition of 'Swing Low Sweet Chariot!!!

The evening began with the setting up of the bar and the butts. Just before 6 members of both Companies arrived and were welcomed with a refreshing glass of Pimms together with excellent canapés. Members of each company were then called forward to shoot under the supervision of Richard and Lindsey Head and the Field Captain Richard Stringer. The shooting came to an end at about 7.15 and having cleared up the party strolled through the grounds of the Tower to the Fusilier Officers' Mess for Dinner. There waiting was an nourishing buffet meal served with wines to match.

After Dinner the Master Fletcher made a gracious speech and then handed over to Richard Stringer to announce the results of the competition which were The Fletchers 194 and the Bowyers 364 - a clear victory for the Company. Our Master, Richard Model, then accepted the prize and made a speech of thanks.

Afterwards one of the Yeoman Warders briefed the party on the Ceremony of the Keys before they walked down to Traitors Gate to watch the ceremony.

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