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The St George's Day Banquet 17th April 2008

On the 17th April 2008 the Company held its St George's Day Dinner in the magnificent surroundings of Stationers Hall. Ave Maria Lane, near St Paul's Cathedral On this sparkling occasion the Ladies were the Company's special guests.

The evening began with the Master the Wardens and their Ladies welcoming our guests at the entrance to the Court Room prior to enjoying a Champagne reception. Once everyone had arrived, with the gentlemen sporting their red rose button holes, the Beadle, Paul Tredgett, in his rounded voice called everyone into Dinner. Once everyone had taken their places and the official photographs had been taken the Master, Wardens, our principal guest Mr Mihir Bose together with the Reverend JA Hayton TD accompanied by the ladies followed with the Clerk into the Livery Hall to the traditional slow handclap.

The Hall was magnificently presented with flower arrangements of red roses, illuminated silver candelabras and the Company's silver adorning the tables. The Reverend John Hayton said grace from behind the Master's Chair and there followed a magnificent meal of smoked salmon, roast sirloin of beef, lemon tart and scotch woodcock accompanied by some excellent wines.

At the end of the meal grace was sung from the traditional 'Laudi Spiituali' after which the Loving Cup was passed and the port served. Once the Loving Cup ceremony was completed the Loyal Toasts followed, with the traditional toast to the Lord Mayor and the City of London Corporation and the silent toast to the Company's benefactor James Wood.

Entertainment was provided by Rachel Chapman and Matthew Morley from St Bride's Church singing a programme of traditional folk songs taht was rounded off with an excellent rendition of the Bowyers' Song.

Court Assistant Michael Wren then welcomed the guests and in particular the principal Guest Mr Mihir Bose the sports editor of the BBC.

Mr Bose responded with a very amusing speech where we learned a great deal about the trials and tribulations of an active journalist in particular regarding their expenses!!!

The Master then followed with an interesting speech where he introduced members of the Company to some of the treasures of Stationers' Hall.

The company were then invited to have a final stirrup cup be fore departing.

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