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United Guilds Service 7 March 2008

The Master and Wardens meet at Stationers Hall where they gowned before moving to St Paul's. There one met other members of the Company before taking ones place in the Bowyers' Row. The Service started promptly on time

The Dean gave the sermon and started by making a confession - to 3,000 people. He loves costume drama, and is an "anorak" in the matter of the correct styles, down to military buttons, fashion styles and so on. He had recently visited Armourers' Hall and admired a suit of armour there which tied in with is interest in costume - and also tied in with the Epistle read by the Lord Mayor - Ephesians 6: 10 -17 in which St Paul enjoins us all to put on the armour of God.

He asked us to consider what armour we feel we need to face the world. Do we wish to hide away inside our armour, or stand firm? What choices would we wish to make? We all make choices in life, career, or in the Livery - and we ALL wear armour.

There is a challenge. It is concerned with where God can be in the City. In this the dean related to Psalm 46 "Be still..." It is in the stillness of God that the challenge resides when we are surrounded and engulfed by busyness. In the Livery movement we have a challenge to seek t change the world for the better through truth, righteousness and the telling forth of the word of God in this generation.

After leaving St Paul's eleven Bowyers accompanied by three partners repaired to Stationers Hall along with several other Company's representatives to enjoy a pleasant lunch in most congenial company, a good time was had by all.

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