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The 2009 Bowyers' Prizes for Outstanding Work in History 2nd December 2009

Postgraduate Award winner Michael Humphries receives his award from Howard Mundy

Undergraduate Award winner Emma Howard receives her award from Howard Mundy

The award of two Bowyers' Prizes was made on 2 December 2009 by the Upper Warden, Mr Howard Mundy, accompanied by Dr Paul Readman, head of the History Department of King's College, London.

The undergraduate prize-winner was Emma Howard for: A Study of Representations of Female Violence and Force during the English Civil War.

The postgraduate prize-winner was Michael Humphries, for 'The Eyes of an Empire': The Legion of Frontiersmen, 1904-1914.

Competition for this year's competition was quite stiff, and the Company is delighted with the interest shown in these prizes.

The award ceremony was followed by a supper at the Cheshire Cheese when each prize-winner spoke about the findings of their studies. The Company welcomes the opportunities to link with King's College and, in particular with one of the most distinguished history departments in the country.

Sinclair Rogers

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