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Bowyers' History MA Scholarship at King's College London, Monday 15th September 2014

Master Bowyer John Hayton at the KCL Welcome Evening with the Bowyers' MA Scholar Anna Triay (right)
and KCL's Saskia Rogerson.

The Bowyers' Company entered a new phase in its relationship with King's College London this year by awarding a £2,000 MA Scholarship in the History Department. The first recipient was Anna Triay, whose award was announced at the Department's MA Welcome Evening on September 15th. Dr Adam Sutcliffe, Head of History, expressed the College's gratitude to the Bowyers for funding the Scholarship, and paid tribute to Anna as the best MA candidate graduating in the Department at KCL that year.

The Master Bowyer, John Hayton, welcomed Anna as the first recipient of the Bowyers' Scholarship, and in a warm and witty little speech also presented her with a plaque with the Bowyers' Coat of Arms and (for bedtime reading) a book on the Battle of Agincourt, an event deeply entwined with the Bowyers' history and whose 600th anniversary falls in 2015.

For the past several years the Bowyers have awarded two small retrospective 'best essay' prizes within the History Department at KCL, but in our current spirit of 'making a difference' with our charitable donations, we responded this year to the College's guidance that the greatest area of university student funding shortfall these days is at MA level. We therefore agreed to award this MA Scholarship to the best candidate of the History Department's choosing.

Anna's MA topic over the next twelve months will be 'Science, Technology and Medicine in History', and we look forward to hearing her tell us about conclusions when she completes her work next September.

After the formalities, the Bowyers' Company Master and Wardens, together with Charity Committee member Christian Major, entertained Anna to a convivially informal supper at a local wine bar, joined by her tutor, Abigail Woods, and KCL's Trusts & Foundations Fundraising Officer, Saskia Rogerson.

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