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Committee Members' Dinner in Guildhall, 22 January 2015

On Thursday 22 January, following the quarterly Court meeting of the Bowyers' Company, a small black-tie dinner was held in the Aldermen's Dining Room in Guildhall for the members of the Court together with all the Liverymen who serve on the Company's committees, as well as the Clerk and the Beadle. The main committees are Finance, Charity, Membership, Muniments and Archery, and they are where most of the Company's business matters and activities are discussed and agreed, and recommendations are formulated for the approval of the Court. This was therefore truly a gathering of those who do the work behind the scenes, and a most convivial dinner was enjoyed by the 27 present in this excellent dining room overlooking Guildhall Yard.

At the preceding Court meeting, two new Court Assistants had been sworn in: Liverymen Christian Major and Major General Andrew Sharpe CBE, and three new Liverymen had been formally clothed and welcomed into the Livery of the Company: Ian Campbell, Alan Rogers and Ian Williams.

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