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Joint Shoot at the Tower, Tuesday 14 July 2015

The Fletchers and Bowyers companies have a long-standing history. Originally a joint livery company they separated in 1371 but maintained a rivalry, even to the extent of not dining together for hundreds of years. The two companies now come together once a year to engage in an informal archery competition. Originally the competition was an internal one for the Fletchers; this changed in 1991 when the event was opened up to Members of the Bowyers' Company. It was held at the Artillery Ground in front of Armoury House, the Mess of the Honourable Artillery Company until 1985 when it was suggested that the shoot should take place in the east moat of the Tower of London.

Liveryman Ben Glazier's niece, Annie Goddard, has produced a beautifully presented and well written record of this year's event which can be downloaded by clicking on the image above.

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