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Gold Award for Craft Guild's Don Adams

At a very happy lunch organised by the Craft Guild of Traditional Bowyers & Fletchers at the Bosworth Battlefield on Sat 6 May, it was the pleasant duty of our Master to present a Gold Award to Don Adams, one of the Guild's senior master bowyers. The Craft Guild is one of the Bowyers' dearest affiliations, and on their expert recommendations we present Bronze, Silver and Gold Awards for excellence in the continuing craft of making authentic longbows.

Many kind words were said about Don by the current Craft Guild Warden, Mark Stretton, who knows a thing or two about longbows himself, and also by the day's organiser Mick Manns. Don was particularly known to us for having made and presented the full-scale war bow which graces our top table at Bowyers' Company dinners. In presenting the Gold Award to Don, Tony stressed the warmth of the link between the Company and the Guild: the Craaft Guild is the Bowyers' link to the longbow craft of today, and the Company is the Craft Guild's link to the longbow's illustrious history.

The photo shows Don Adams (centre) with the Bowyers' Master, Tony Kench, and Craft Guild stalwarts (and fellow Bowyers) Mick Manns, Richard Head and Mark Stretton. After lunch a couple of war bows were shot with panache on the 200-yard Bosworth Field range, by Craft Guild master bowyers Mark Stretton (140lb) and John Potter (120lb), to much pride and satisfaction.

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