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Gunmakers/Bowyers, Shotgun/Longbow

The Gunmakers' and Bowyers' Shooting Teams met once again, for what is becoming an annual fixture, at the West London Shooting School on 19 June. The Bowyers' were ably represented by Duncan Samuel, Andrew Sharpe, Nigel Heilpern, Adrian Walton, Myles and Simon Archibald, Ben Glazier and Mark Stretton. David Laxton (representing the Master) and Tony Marinos attended as non-combatants to facilitate an archery stand and provide moral support.

The competition comprised a rotation around five shooting stands and one archery stand, in sub-teams of four, before a quick break for refreshments and then a final shotgun 'flush' stand. As expected, the day was superbly organised by the West London Shooting School with each sub-team allocated an experienced coach/official to ensure accurate scores were recorded and fair play was observed. Two new longbows, crafted by our own Richard Head and donated to the Company by Bowyer members, were used on the archery stand. They proved to be excellent investments and will doubtless get plenty of use over the years.

Knowing that the result was going to be close, both teams adjourned to the bar after the final shots had been fired to hear the results, as announced by Mr Jonathan Young, the Master Gunmaker. There was good shooting all round during the afternoon with both shotgun and longbow, and it was a fitting tribute to the spirit of the afternoon and the close relationship between the two companies that Mr Young declared the result a fair draw! The day concluded with an excellent BBQ and plenty of shooting stories.

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