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Presentation of the Dudley Award, 12 June

The Master. Upper Warden and Liveryman Michael Church travelled down to Plymouth on 12th June to present the Annual Award of the John Dudley Trophy. John Dudley was the First Duke of Northumberland created in 1551. He was Lord Admiral of Henry VIII's fleet and was an important figure in naval history. Our Award is to a Junior rating (or group of ratings) who have contributed most to the quality of life of the Ship's Company in the past year. The Award is in three parts; a Trophy presented by ex-Ship's Commander and fellow Bowyer, Captain Paddy Allen RN; a plaque to be fixed to the mess door of the winner's mess and a cheque for £500 to be used for the facilities of that mess.

The winners this year were a group of ratings led by Leading Steward Fredericks who, in the absence of a Leading Physical Training Instructor, took on the physical fitness of the Ship's Company. Assisted by LS Bevan, AB Finley and AB Lavender they set up training programmes for everyone on board from the Commander to the most junior seaman. The whole crew suffered initially but came out of it with better annual review results than before. The officers we spoke to said they enjoyed it!

LStd Fredericks and his team demonstrated leadership and motivation, selflessness and hard work and they epitomised Core Naval Values.

We were very pleased to make the award to them.

Ian Spring
June 2019

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