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Suited & Booted Charity Quiz

The Bowyers' Quiz Team retained their title as Suited & Booted Quiz Champions on Wednesday evening 10 July at the Steam Wine Bar, by Monument, in a narrow tie-break victory over a convivial team of some of the Charity's earliest supporters. The Bowyers' team of 6 comprised Myles Archibald, Mark Benstead, WIlliam Mills, Ian Spring (Master), team captain Tony Kench, plus Enid Kench as a welcome late substitute. Suited & Booted is our favourite small City charity, providing donated business attire to kit out 2,000 jobseekers a year for interviews, and it's always a pleasure to help them with their fund-raising efforts.

Over ten rounds of questions in ten different topic areas, we were strong on history, and among the other answers we managed to come up with between us were the world's fastest bird, the route of the no 1 bus, the world's highest waterfall, Croatia's vehicle registration code, what the South African place name 'Soweto' is short for, and which Shakespeare play includes '... and some have greatness thrust upon them'. We didn't know what LASER stands for, or what JK Rowling's first names are, but we did score 86/110, and we won the tie-break by one of us knowing the precise depth of the world's deepest ocean.

It was a great fun evening, for a very good cause, and we look forward to being in action again early next year if not before.

Tony Kench

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