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Inter Livery Rifle Competition

This year, for the first time, a new event was added to the Bowyers Calendar, and particularly that of the shooting section of the Company, the Inter Livery Rifle Competition. This is organised by the Bakers Company, is in aid of the RAF Benevolent Fund and takes place at Bisley every year. The event consists of 900 Yard Target Rifle (with iron sights - ie, no telescopic sights) in which accuracy and good wind-reading is everything, 300 yard sniper with telescopic sights, black-powder pistol (from the American Civil War era - the type of pistol used by the legendary Wild Bill Hickok for the more romantically minded among you) and a "wild card" event, this year, a "Running Boar" rifle event shooting at a boar shaped target that moves between two covers and is visible for a few seconds. Duncan Samuel, Andrew Sharpe and Myles Archibald formed the A team and Ben Glazier, Simon Archibald and Adrian Walton formed the B team. The event is hosted by the RAF Target Rifle Club, who provide a coaching team drawn from the Great Britain Rifle Team, a lot of whom had just returned from New Zealand shooting the Palma, the top international competition in the world today, and included winners of Queens Prize, the top individual prize in shooting, instituted by Her Majesty Queen Victoria in 1860. The quality of both the instruction and the wind reading at long range was therefore second to none, which was good because at least one, and for some all, of the events were new to everyone. A great day of friendly competition and excellent company was had by all concerned, punctuated by a hearty breakfast, a three course buffet lunch and then sandwiches and cake when prizes were awarded. Congratulations are due to Bowyers B who won the team Target Rifle event, and to Ben Glazier who place second individual place overall! If you are interested in joining us on next years team rifle shoot, please do make yourself known to the Shoot Captain, Duncan Samuel, at the next event, or contact him through the Clerk.

Duncan Samuel
Shooting Team Captain

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