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Court & Livery Dinner, Cutlers' Hall, 23 January 2024

On 23 January 2024 45 Bowyers' enjoyed a marvellous Court and Livery dinner at Cutlers' Hall.

The Master, Mr Nigel Heilpern, welcomed the Master Cutler and those gathered to 'the historic and splendid surroundings' of Cutlers' Hall and passed thanks for the 'tremendous fellowship and hospitality' that the Bowyers' always enjoy at Cutlers' Hall. The Master spoke of a shared heritage amongst the Warrior Companies and the historical location of Bowyers' Hall.

The evening was also busy for admissions and clothing in the Livery. The Master and the Court welcomed new Liveryman Mr Martin Kotarba to the Livery, and three new Freemen: Mr David Lacey, Mr Michael Stevenson and Mrs Natasha Jadrijevich, who were admitted to the Company at the Court meeting held before dinner.

It was a most convivial dinner enjoyed by all and a wonderful start to the Bowyers' year.

Nigel Heilpern

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