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Bowyer Row

Bowyer Row was an alternative name for Ludgate Street which, since 1865, has been part of Ludgate Hill. The earliest reference from 1359 is to Ludgatstrete commonly known as Bowiarresrowe. Later references are: Bowiersrowe (1373); Bowyerrowe (1378); Bower Rowe (1548); and Bowyers Row (1598).1

In times past, Ludgate Hill connected the Fleet Bridge (which was located on the site of what is now Ludgate Circus) with St Martin's within Ludgate. Thence to St Paul's Cathedral was known as Ludgate Street formerly called Bowyer's Row.2

1 Street-names of the City of London, Eilert Ekwall (Oxford 1954)
2 London Lanes, Alan Stapleton (The Bodley Head 1935)

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