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The first Lord Cobham

Reginald the First Lord Cobham at Lingfield Church, Surrey.

The first Lord Cobham and the battles of Crecey and Poitiers

Reginald the first Lord Cobham of Starborough Castle was born in 1295 and died of the plague in October 1361.

He was one of the three knights under the charge of the Black Prince who fought in Edward III's army who where victorious against the French at the Battle of Crecy in 1346 and later in 1356 as Marshal of the Host he again took his place at the side of the Prince at the Battle of Poitiers.

He was one of the early Knights of the Garter having been installed in 1352 at which time he was also an MP and Admiral of the Fleet. Many of his exploits are recorded in Froissart's Chronicle.

The Garter in detail.

The recumbent statue in Lingfield Church, Surrey where he is buried wears a helmet with carmail originally wrought it is believed in silver and blue enamel. The Jupon was once richly guilt and small plaques of enamel were set in the girdle. The Cobham Star is seen on the breast and the Garter in silver and blue worn.

Michael Wren
August 2013

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