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Sir Douglas Straight Kt, LLD, MP, JP Master 1856 - 1859 and 1910 - 1912

The Hon Mr Justice Straight, the new Judge

Sir Douglas Straight was born London, 22nd October 1844, the son of Robert Marshall Straight, Barrister. In 1867 he married Alice Jane (d 1894) daughter of William Bridgman DCL. They had one son Major Douglas Straight CIE, who was Master of the Company 1932 - 1934 (d1949).

He was educated at Temple Grove, East Sheen and at Harrow School. He was engaged in newspaper and magazine work as a journalist until 1865 when he was called to the Bar. He developed a large and lucrative practice in criminal and other cases.

In 1867, he wrote an anonymous memoir of his time at Harrow entitled Harrow Recollections. By an Old Harrovian and had signed the preface with the name Sidney Daryl. This was a pseudonym he would use on a number of publications in this era. His writing covered not only plays and stories but also other areas that interested him. In 1868, for instance, he compiled Routledge's Handbook of Quoits and Bowls.

He was the Conservative candidate for Shrewsbury but withdrew 1868. He was eventually elected Member of Parliament for Shrewsbury in a bye-election in 1870. He was petitioned against, but retained the seat where he was member until 1874 when he was defeated.

He was, for some years, junior counsel for the Treasury and Banker's Association at the Central Criminal Court. He was appointed commissioner to enquire into Corrupt Practices at Boston in 1874.

Between 1879 and 1892 he was appointed a puisne Judge to the High Court of Judicature at Allahabad. He took much interest in the establishment of the university at Allahabad, where he was a member of the Senate and President of the Law Faculty and made its first LLD. He contested the Stafford constituency in 1892. He was knighted on retirement on leaving India in1892.

Straight returned to journalism as joint editor of the Pall Mall Magazine (1893-1896) and then editor of the Pall Mall Gazette (from 1896 - 1909). He was a well known society figure during this time and in his editorial guise corresponded with many of the famous literary names of the day. Straight retired "from everything except the task of trying to enjoy himself" in 1909

Recreations: at one time he played cricket a great deal; he was very fond of lawn tennis; and a beginner at golf. He made many river and canal expeditions in his steam launch and was very fond of tri-cycling. He became Master Bowyer 1900-1902 and 1910-1912, having been called forward to the Court in September 1895. He was a member of the following clubs: Carlton, Garrick, Marlborough, Beefsteak. Died 4th June 1914.

Definition: Puisne: Judge of superior court inferior in rank to chief justice. (The Concise Oxford Dictionary)

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