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Reginald Vick OBE TD (1885-1971) Master 1944-1946

He was a senior consulting surgeon at St Bartholomew's Hospital. The family money came from ship owning. Reginald attended Grammar school near Newcastle and then The Leys School, Cambridge, which he loved. He attended Jesus College Cambridge which he enjoyed so much that he failed his final exams a couple of times. He was particularly fond of tea parties and eating quantities of buns (at least according to his daughter). Eventually he decided he really ought to buckle down - and passed well.

He qualified in Medicine and was elected FRCS. He specialised in the stomach, breasts and that part of the body between the waist and the neck, which is not to say that he was not an able all-rounder. He was characterised by simplicity of character, empathy and an absolute determination to put the patient first. He was much loved.

He served in the Territorial Army (RAMC) and eventually attained the rank of Colonel. He was proud to have earned the TD - in the days when it took 20 years.

In World War I he served in Salonika. In World War II he worked in a sector hospital in Friern Barnet. He was awarded the OBE.

At some time around World War II that he was in contention to be President of the Royal College of Surgeons. One evening, after a long day, he wrote two letters. One was written to a family member and was sharply critical of a colleague; the other was written to that colleague. Unfortunately, in his fatigued state (which led to writing the letter) Vick put them in the wrong envelopes. He did NOT become PRCS.

Vick married Mary Kate Neville (1891 - 1993) who was always known as Jane. She was the daughter of Past Master (1928-30) Sir Reginald Neville, sister of Past Master (1936-38) James Edmund Neville, later second baronet, and half sister of Past Master (1972-4) Richard Lionel John Baines Neville, later third baronet. She was also sister - in -law of Past Master (1948-50) John McCartney-Filgate.

They met after Jane had fallen from an omnibus and broken her arm. Friends immediately exclaimed; "We must get Vick." "Who's Vic?" Jane asked, thinking they were being somewhat familiar. Their friend Reginald arrived, saw Jane sitting up in bed, clad in a blue nightgown - and fell in love on the spot.

Eventually he asked her hand in marriage of her father, Sir Reginald Neville. "Yes, you can have her. She's a damned difficult woman," was the response. This was because Neville was a Norfolk landowner, Recorder of Bury St Edmunds, and a high Tory; indeed he was a Parliamentarian. Jane espoused the interests of what were known as the "labouring classes." Added to that, she was 5ft 113/4 ins tall, somewhat taller, indeed, than Vick. She had a strong personality and loved a good argument. It was an extremely happy marriage.

Vick had four daughters; one married a well-known actor of the time, David Tree, (grandson of Sir Beerbohm Tree). Another married a naval officer who would eventually become 5th Sea Lord, Admiral Sir Alexander Bingley. Vick was a loving and attentive father. When he visited the girls in their nursery at bedtime they would chant to him; "Good luck, old bean, and God bless you." It speaks volumes for the man.

Vick enjoyed cutting down trees at their home in Sussex and was fond of reading detective stories, especially Sherlock Holmes. He loved the Bowyers, was very sociable and was "a great diner-out", according to his eldest daughter.

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