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Taxation Roll 1363

The series of archives preserved under the name of the Letter Books are so-called because each volume is named by a letter of the alphabet. There are fifty volumes in total lettered from A to Z and again from AA to ZZ with two odd volumes named "&c" and "AB". The Letter Books are bound volumes of manuscripts, in English, Latin and Norman-French, relating to the proceedings of the Court of Common Council and the Court of Aldermen extending from the time of Edward I to almost the end of the reign of James II.

A selection from the Letter Books was first made accessible by the transcriptions of Henry Thomas Riley MA (Note 1). A more complete set of transcriptions was made available in the volumes published in 1905 under the editorship of Reginald R Sharpe DCL. (Note 2)

Letter Book G (c1352 - 1374) contains a tax roll from 1363 which contains the earliest known reference to the Bowyers as a company. There are earlier references in the Letter Books to bows, bowyers and persons with the surname of "le Bowyer or le Bowyere" (who may or may not have been connected with the trade) but there is no earlier known reference to the Bowyers as a corporate body. The full text of the tax roll is reproduced below using the original spelling. The contribution from the Bowyers of 60s or £3 is modest when compared with the four of the Great Twelve Companies who contributed £40 each. The original document is held at the Metropolitan Archive.

Folio cxxxiii

Be it remembered that John de Cauntebrigge, the Chamberlain, received from divers misteries for a present sent to the King viz anno 37 (Edward III) (1363): from

Brasiers 10 marks
Sporiers 40s
Tanners without Neugate 40s
Robert de Thame, cornmongere 2 marks
William Botoner 60s
Thomas Brakenburgh 2 marks
Butchers of St Nicholas £9
John Hydingham 10s
Thomas Boltone 13s 4d
Robert Lightfot 6s 8d
Butchers of "Les Stokkes "£6
William Stoket, fuller 6s 8d
Henry Yerdele 50s
William Doder, fuller half a mark
John Peremay 1 mark
John Beaufrount 20s
John Buksted half a mark
Grossers £26 6s 8d
John Olescompe half a mark
Poulterers 10 marks
Courreours 5 marks
Butchers of Estchep £8
John Pountfreyt £13 4d
Robert Gurdelere 13s 4d
Robert Ivingho and his fellow salters 5 marks
Bowyers 60s
John Rameseye 2 marks
Richard Lakenham 20s
John Graftone 6s 8d
four dieghers 2 marks
John Cook, fullere half a mark
Robert Spaldyng half a mark
Richard Nortone 10s
Philip Draper, Cook half a mark
William Harewedone half a mark
William Walpol and Richard Hermar half a mark
Bartholomew Smyth half a mark
Richard and Richard atte Crouchewebbes one mark
Adam de St Alban smythe half a mark
Ismongers £7 18s 4d
Thomas Serlond 20s
Gylmyn Bakere 13s 4d
Richard atte Dyche plomer half a mark
Thomas atte Dyche plomer half a mark
Peter Van 13s 4d
William Spynk half a mark
Laurence Beaumond 10s
Chandlers £8
William Breckles 10s
John Benet half a mark
Henry Ware 40s
Nicholas Potyn fullere half a mark
William West half a mark
John Potenhale 2 marks
Robert Potenhale 1 mark
Wexchaundlers 40s
Adam de St Ive 40s
Simon Spicer 13s 4d
Robert Etegroue 6s 8d
Tanners without Crepelgate 31s
Pouchemakers 5 marks
Two cappers 13s 4d
Vintners £33 6s 8d
William Bonet 10s
Skinners £40
William Dykeman 40s
Cordwainers 10 marks
Thomas Fant, William Sunyng and William Kyng 20s
Brewers £14 6s 8d
Saddlers 100s
Cutlers £4
Fishmongers £40
Mercers £40
Girdlers £6 13s 4d
Grossers in the Ropery 100s
John Cokke 13s 4d
Richard Dighere 6s 8d
Adam Carlelle spicer half a mark
Thomas the scrivener in Frydaystret half a mark
Gloveres 20s
John Herlawe half a mark
Andrew Pyebakere half a mark
John Cressyngham half a mark
John atte Harpe half a mark
John Seint Ive and Roger atte Basket half a mark
Armourers 60s
Thomas atte Swan half a mark
Simon Levelyf half a mark
Laurence Folevyle half a mark
Thomas Grantham 1 mark
Goldsmiths £20
John Harewardestoke 20s
Gilbert Prynce 6s 8d
Drapers £40
John Bullok tapicer 13s 4d
John Wodegate 6s 8d
Total £428 9s 4d

Simon Leach
October 2013

Note 1: Henry Thomas Riley MA - "Memorials of London and London Life in the XIIIth, XIVth and XVth Centuries: A series of Extracts , Local, Social and Political from the early archives of the City of London AD 1276 - 1419" (Published 1868) [Guildhall Library shelf ref L20]

Note 2: Reginald R Sharpe DCL (editor) "Calender of Letter-Books of the City of London printed by order of the Corporation under the direction of the Library Committee". Printer John Edward Francis, Bream's Buildings EC 1905. [Guildhall Library shelf ref L70.111)

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