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The Company has four silver Loving Cups designed by Anthony Elson who on receiving a commission always tries to develop ideas based upon the idiosyncratic qualities of the patron.

The Bowyers and the Longbow are of course inextricably linked and therefore the challenge was how to use the bow in the design of the Loving Cup. lf it was to perform the function of a handle and yet keep its character it would have to span a distance in excess of 6 inches. This dictated that the lower end of the bow would have to be attached to the stem and this therefore decided the ultimate shape of the Cup. What seems logical and straight forward actually took Anthony several weeks before he came up with a solution and felt confident enough to submit the design to the Company.

Anthony Elson trained at the Royal College of Art London in 1963 and was awarded the Silver medal for geometrical decoration. He has received some of the largest commissions from the City of London for modern plate including the silver for the Council Rooms of the New London Stock Exchange. He also designed the silver lectern and candlesticks for the Tallow Chandler's Company. His work is in many collections ranging from City Livery Companies, Royalty and Universities as well as the private collector. He has exhibited widely in the United States of America, Canada and Europe.

Three for the Cups were presented in recognition of former Members of the Company: Sir Roger Cork, Sir Ralph Anstruther and Sir James Neville, and the Arding Family. The fourth was paid for by a subscription from members of the Livery.

The Cups are used at all the Company's Livery Dinners as the integral part of the Loving Cup ceremony.

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